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What Kids Eat Can Harm Their Teeth

Making sure that kids brush and floss their teeth every day is a fantastic way to keep your child’s smile healthy, but did you know that what they eat can impact their dental health? While a few foods might be obvious, there are some foods that are surprisingly hard on kid’s teeth, and many parents [...]

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Fluoride and Your Child’s Dental Health

There is a lot of information out there that talks about fluoride; some is positive, some isn’t and some is downright confusing! Busy parents need to know what’s best for their kids, so I’ve taken the time to provide some information below so you can know all the facts about fluoride and your child’s dental [...]

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Starting the New Year with Healthy Dental Habits

Children are no different than most of us this time of year; they eat more sweets and snacks than usual, and healthy habits are at risk of falling by the wayside. When the last of the holiday candy has been consumed, here’s how to focus on starting the new year with healthy dental habits for [...]

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Do My Kids Need to Floss Their Teeth?

There have been a few articles out lately that put into question whether flossing is still an important part of a daily routine for healthy teeth. Parents are confused by these conflicting articles and often ask, “Do my kids need to floss their teeth?” The answer is YES!  Read on to learn why. What started [...]

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Holiday Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

The holiday season is a time for treats, sweets and overindulging as we spend time with friends and family. While parents want to make the holidays magical for their kids, there are some tips to follow to ensure that December’s celebration doesn’t turn into January’s dental problems. Here are some holiday tips to keep your [...]

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Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Clean This Halloween

Nowadays, adults are just as excited as kids are when Halloween is near. The costumes, the parties but most of all, the CANDY! Halloween is the time of year where everyone eats candy and other sweet treats in excess. So what can parents do to keep their child’s teeth healthy this Halloween? Not all Halloween [...]

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What To Do When Your Child Gets A Canker Sore

Canker sores are a fairly common problem that many children (and adults!) suffer from occasionally. They can be painful and can make it more difficult to eat or drink. Here’s some useful information on canker sores; what exactly they are, what causes them, and what to do when your child gets a canker sore. What [...]

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