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Causes of Tooth Sensitivity in Children

Over the last two decades, the field of dentistry has reduced childhood cavities significantly, largely thanks to fluoride in water, sealants, and improved preventative care. Still, as many as 42% of children suffer from cavities in their baby teeth, but this isn’t the only cause of sensitivity. Cracks, sinusitis, and over-enthusiastic brushing are often to [...]

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Should Kids Brush or Floss First?

There are as many opinions on brushing and flossing as there are dentists. Floss first, and your child’s brushing removes the plaque that’s been loosened. Brush first and your floss pushes valuable fluoride deeper into the gum line. The traditional belief is that you should lead with your toothbrush, but dentists (and parents) are happy [...]

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Don’t Take a Vacation from Good Brushing Habits

Here in the Phoenix metro area, school's out for the summer. While this will be greeted with pool parties and family vacations, there might be a problem when it comes to oral health. These problems arise if schoolgoers put dental hygiene and healthy diets on vacation. Dental Routine During Summer Break Summer break represents a break [...]

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When Do Kids Need Dental X-Rays?

In general, pediatric dentists discourage parents from taking their children for routine dental X-rays. Over a lifetime, the less you are exposed to radiation (including X-rays), the better. However, there are times when a dental X-ray is necessary to diagnose oral health issues in children. According to the American Dental Association, high-risk preschoolers should have [...]

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What Parents Need to Know About Tongue and Lip Ties

Most parents have never heard of the term “tongue and lip tie” or “tongue-tie” so when a pediatric dentist or pediatrician mentions their baby has it, it can be very overwhelming. It’s important for parents to understand what it is and how to treat it, so the article below explains what parents need to know [...]

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Are the Drinks your Child is Consuming Hurting their Teeth?

It’s important to keep you child well-hydrated at all times, especially during these extra warm Arizona days!  However, not every beverage is equal when it comes to children’s dental health. Sugars, acids and more can make some beverages risky for your child to consume. Below are some great tips to help you understand whether the [...]

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Bad Habits That Can Damage Children’s Teeth

It’s so important from an early age that children develop good oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, the habits that tend to stick with us are the bad habits, the ones we may not even realize are bad for us. Below are some bad habits that can damage children’s teeth and what parents can do to help [...]

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Do Children’s Teeth Benefit From Sealants?

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong is always the goal for any parent. Establishing good brushing habits and regular visits to a pediatric dentist are two great ways to keep teeth healthy, but lately, there have been an increasing number of articles about sealants which begs the question:  do children’s teeth benefit from sealants?  [...]

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Creating healthy oral health habits for your child starts at a very early age. The sooner your child sees a pediatric dentist, the sooner those great healthy habits start. There are a number of reasons for the AAPD’s and AAP’s recommendation for your child to visit the dentist earlier than you think. Baby teeth are [...]

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