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Welcome to the iBrush Club!

Welcome to the iBrush Club!

Welcome to the iBrush Club, your fellow Supper Cappers are happy to have you. Are you wondering how this club of cavity fighting superheroes came to be? It all started with Doctor Bienstock looking to make an elite team of superheroes to help spread the message of how important it is take care of your teeth. She felt that there was only so much she could do from the comfort of her dentist’s office and she decided to start the iBrush club. Any kid who vows to take care of their teeth can join, but she needed to make a team to spread the word. A group of four people who called themselves the Super Cappers that would help recruit new Super Kids and teach them the right way to take care of their teeth. With just a simple thought in mind, Doctor Bienstock did not know what was in store for her.

One day at a birthday party, a boy named James  began to see the world a little differently. You see, James has always been a curious fellow and his curiosity began to grow the day he went to a birthday party after visiting his favorite dentist, Doctor Bienstock. After his appointment, he was instructed not to eat or drink anything 30 minutes after having his teeth cleaned. He was not able to eat all the delicious sweets like his friends could while at the party. While sitting at a  table looking around at all of his friends eat and play, he began noticing that his friends were eating a lot of sweets. He remembered what Doctor Bienstock said about sugar and his teeth, “Try not to eat a lot of food with sugar in it or you are likely to get cavities.” In that moment it dawned on him that all of his friends were in danger of getting cavities! He was shocked at this discovery and ever since that day, James took a vow to fight the battle against cavities and he became Mighty Brushman promising to himself that he would brush twice a day to keep the plaque away.  When James went in for his next dentist appointment, he told Doctor Bienstock of his plan and she was very proud of him. She asked if he would be willing to find 3 other friends to help fight the battle to a healthy mouth in Arizona kids. With the help of Doctor Bienstock, he was able to reach other super kids that would help him spread the message of a healthy mouth. With his brush in hand, there is nothing Mighty Brushman could not do.


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