There is no shortage of information, tips, tricks and advice out there for parents seeking to learn more about pediatric health and how to take care of their children.  The challenge is that most parents and caretakers are extremely busy, so knowing where to find quality information that you can rely on can be tough. Below are 5 pediatric health websites that every parent should read to stay in the know and keep updated on all the latest in pediatric news and advice.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

This is a fantastic consumer resource. A recognized authority on pediatric oral health care, this is a great site to turn to when looking for general information related to children’s dental health. Pediatric dental care is essential for giving children the proper foundation for a healthy life, from childhood through adolescence and beyond. This website arms consumers with the latest information regarding children’s dental and oral healthcare. Check out the fun section of the site, Mouth Monsters, which provides helpful information in a very easy to understand format.

HealthyChildren.org – by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Their tagline, “Powered by pediatricians. Trusted by parents” says it all. This is a fantastic and easy website to maneuver, and very helpful when you’re seeking age-specific pediatric health information. The website offers articles in categories ranging from prenatal to young adults, and every stage in between, and provides information on topics such as teething, sensory milestones, social skills and basic health habits for all children. The site also provides resources to find pediatricians, apps and newsletters. This is a must-visit for parents seeking solid advice on health care for their children.

WebMD – Children’s Health

Many people know WebMD’s reputation as a resource for overall health. They now have a section on their robust website specifically for children’s health, listing news articles of all kinds related to child wellness. Even better, they provide this information in many different formats, including guides, articles, videos, slideshows, quizzes and more, allowing parents and caretakers to get their information in whatever format is best for their learning style and busy schedule. Be sure to check out the “Top 12 Children’s Topics” section for timely and useful information.


Don’t be turned off by the fact that it’s clearly sponsored by Crest and Oral B. This site offers relevant, useful information on all thing related to children’s overall oral health, and does so in a very user-friendly fashion. They offer suggestions on how to find the right toothbrush, offer free oral health education fact sheets for different age groups, and provide great pediatric dental articles on topics such as bad breath, cavities, and sensitive teeth. It’s a very helpful site that updates their articles often.

Parents Magazine

Most new parents subscribe to this publication at one time or another, but did you know they have a dedication section on their website just for children’s dental care? Its goal is to help you to teach your children to brush and floss regularly to protect their teeth from cavities and gum disease. They’ll help you find ways to get them excited about brushing, provide tips to help kids overcome fear of the dentist, give information about braces, and more. A few of their more recent articles include, “7 Super Cool Dental Tools”, “8 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of the Dentist” and “Foods that Strengthen Kids Teeth”.

While there are many great resources to learn about children’s dental health as well as their overall well-being, the five listed above are a great place to start.