Super Capper

Wash Away the Cavities.

Mighty Brushman set out to find 3 brave superheroes to help him with his new found mission. While on his search, he began to notice that a lot of his friends were not using mouthwash. He could tell by the way their breath was not as fresh as his. In his time of need, he…

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Wrangling Cavities From Places Most Can't Reach.

  Mighty Brushman and Lady Mouthwash joined forces to brush and wash away their foes. Yet, there was something missing. They noticed that even know their friends were brushing their teeth and using mouthwash, their friends were still getting cavities. Both superheroes were baffled by this discovery and did not know what to do, but…

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Are you Ready to Become A Super Kid?

The team was almost complete, only one more person to go. This last person had to be someone that would complete a good toothbrushing routine, but  who were the Super Cappers missing? What else could there be to make someone’s teeth healthy and clean? Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and none…

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