Healthy Holiday Snack Recommendations from a Leading Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

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The holiday season is a great time to slow down, enjoy family, and eat some delicious food. But not all food was created equal when it comes to how it affects your children’s teeth; Camelback pediatric dentists know that better than anyone.

 There are also other memorable ways to celebrate that don’t include sugar. Sweet treats love to linger on the surface of your teeth, and this weakens the enamel causing it to decay. Coming up with some simple alternatives can make a big impact on your oral health without taking a bite out of your holiday spirit. 

If your family likes to make cookies, here are the top 3 cookies that are better for your teeth than other alternatives, according to a pediatric dental specialist in Camelback. These cookies still have sugar and aren’t good in large doses, but in moderation and with proper brushing, you can limit their negative effects.

Jelly-Filled Cookies– You can use sugar-free jellies to make this treat with less sugar, but still not sacrifice the delicious flavor. Your kids will never know the difference.

Oatmeal Cookies– This cookie is so versatile because you can substitute raisins or apples in place of chocolate chips or other added sugar bits. 

Gingerbread Cookies– Most gingerbread cookie recipes are made with less sugar than other kinds of cookies. You can also add things such as apple sauce or pureed pumpkin to make the recipe just a bit healthier.

Camelback Pediatric Dentist

Aside from cookies, here are some other healthy alternatives to sweet treats but still feel indulgent.

Cheese Tray- A tray with an arrangement of different cheeses, crackers, and fruits is a good alternative to cookies. When you have a choice of many different flavors and options, it definitely feels like a treat.

Granola mix– Mixing cereal, nuts, dried fruit with the occasional sweet morsel, it makes it feel like a fun snack, but better than just sitting and eating straight sweets. For instance, try mixing fortified cereal, some nuts, dried fruit, and just a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

Veggie Tray– Most kids don’t flock to vegetables, but when you have them pre-cut, with a couple of tasty dip options, it makes it feel much more fun. Add some dried meats and crackers, and you have a relaxed lunch with minimal work and less sugar than a typical PB and J sandwich.

If you are going to indulge in some sweet treats, make sure to rinse your child’s mouth out after they eat sugary foods, or better yet, do a thorough brushing.  This will ensure that the sugars will not sit on the surface of their teeth and cause decay.

Pediatric dentist in Camelback recommend something besides sweets on Christmas morning. Having a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast instead of the typical sweet bread or cinnamon roll is a good alternative. 

Additionally, getting creative at what you stuff your child’s stocking with is a fun way to create memories without affecting their teeth. Some great ideas are games, little trinkets, kids’ books, or little crafts that they might enjoy. These are all healthier alternatives than candy or other sugary treats.

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With Dr. Lisa Bienstock, a leading Camelback Pediatric Dentist, you can count on her being an affordable kids dentist in Camelback. Kids’ smiles are our passion, and we have many ideas on educating parents on how to protect their child’s teeth throughout the holidays. 

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