How to Handle Your Child’s Tooth Injury

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A tooth injury is actually very common in childhood and even into adulthood. An injury to a tooth can be caused by a child falling when learning how or even a teenager who suffers an injury playing sports. Whatever your child’s age or the cause of the accident, a tooth injury is likely at some point, so it’s important to be prepared. This starts with early education during regular office visits, so make sure and ask lots of questions about what to do in case of a tooth injury.

So, what are some common tooth injuries that are experienced during childhood? Dr. Lisa Bienstock, a leading pediatric dentist in Camelback, understands the impact that a childhood tooth injury can have. Here are some examples and treatments to share with parents.

Loss of an Adult Tooth

It’s important that if you notice that an adult tooth is loose or has been knocked loose by an accident that you seek the help of a Camelback pediatric dentist right away. In some instances, a loose primary tooth might heal on its own. But if not, the tooth may have to be removed to prevent a choking hazard or any other further damage. A pediatric orthodontist in Camelback like Dr. Lisa Bienstock offers many options for tooth replacement and proper dental care. 

A Chipped or Broken Adult Tooth

Breaking or chipping a tooth can happen with simply eating a piece of candy. If you notice your child’s tooth is chipped or broken, take them in to see a pediatric dentist in Camelback right away. They can evaluate the extent of damage to the tooth, surrounding nerves, and blood supply. A pediatric dentist can also evaluate the layers of the tooth itself to see what kind of treatment can be done. 

A pediatric dentist will work diligently to save the tooth, if possible. If you can save tooth fragments, they can be reattached and saved. Lisa Bienstock, a kids Orthodontist in Camelback, can evaluate your child’s tooth and make sure to use all resources possible to save the tooth and minimize long-term damage.

pediatric dentist in Camelback

Tooth injuries are bound to occur at some point during childhood. There are ways to cut down on risks significantly:

  • If your child plays a sport, make sure they wear a mouthguard.  A Camelback pediatric dentist can make a custom mouthpiece, or you can buy a generic mouthguard at any pharmacy. Either way, protecting your child’s teeth while playing sports is key.
  • Make sure your child is getting regular dental care. This ensures that if a tooth is weak or if there are any problems with your child’s teeth, you can prevent a major accident ahead of time by using preventative care.
  • Brushing and flossing regularly can prevent infection and teeth from rotting and becoming weak. Compromised teeth are simply not strong and are more susceptible to breakage.
pediatric dentist in Camelback

Dr. Lisa Bienstock, an affordable kids dentist in Camelback, can schedule an appointment with your child to ensure a dental emergency is attended to immediately. Just give us a call and explain the incident to get an immediate appointment. 

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