How To Prevent Cavities with The Help of a Pediatric Dentist In Camelback

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

Cavities have become a somewhat normal occurrence in pediatric dentistry, but they don’t have to be. Cavities can be avoided with proper hygiene, preventative care, and regular checkups with a Camelback pediatric dentist. With a kids dental office in Camelback like with Dr. Lisa Bienstock, we want to partner with you to provide the proper education and care. This will give your child the best chance at entering adulthood with a healthy smile and teeth. Here are a few tips that can help prevent cavities.

Consider Sealants

Sealants are growing in popularity among parents and dentists alike. This is because they not only protect your child’s teeth, but they do an excellent job of preventing cavities. Teeth often have many ridges and small spaces for food and bacteria to hide. Foods with high acidity, sugar, and other harmful substances get into these small areas, which can be hard to remove. 

Even with kids that brush regularly it’s hard to reach some of these spots. Over time, cavities can form and spread. Sealants put a protective coating on the tooth’s surface, covering these tiny spots, which will prevent food from sitting on the tooth and starting the decay process.

Get Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a teeth strengthener. This means that it makes your child’s teeth less susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. Studies have found that when used appropriately through the help of a pediatric dentist in Camelback, fluoride use can significantly reduce the number of cavities that your child develops.

pediatric dentist in Camelback

Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar is in nearly everything these days, including in your meals, spices, let alone soft drinks, sports drinks, and most snacks. Sugars are the main reason for tooth decay and cavities. Cutting back on your child’s sugar intake, brushing after a sugary treat, or rinsing with water, are all key to keeping their teeth healthy and strong according to most Camelback pediatric dentists.

Increase Your Child’s Xylitol Intake

Xylitol is found naturally in some berries and fruits and is also widely used as a sugar alternative. It has enormous benefits for children’s tooth health and significantly reduces their development of cavities. Check with your Camelback pediatric orthodontist or dentist to see if Xylitol is suitable for your child.


Brushing your child’s teeth three times a day after meals or snacks is a good rule of thumb. This is because when sticky or chewy foods stick to the surface of the tooth, it causes the protective coating to break down and start to erode and decay the tooth. 

Over time this can cause cavities that can be both painful and costly. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste not only removes the stuck-on food from the tooth, but the fluoride strengthens your child’s tooth. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Are You Ready to Work with a Premier Camelback Pediatric Dentist?

pediatric dentist in Camelback

Dr. Lisa Bienstock is a trusted pediatric dental specialist in Camelback, her combination of compassion and specialized expertise when it comes to your child’s mouth and teeth is unmatched. She not only treats cavities and other dental conditions but is a big part of the education on prevention. She will have a huge impact on making sure your child’s smile turns into a beautiful grown-up grin. 

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