Wash Away the Cavities.

Mighty Brushman set out to find 3 brave superheroes to help him with his new found mission. While on his search, he began to notice that a lot of his friends were not using mouthwash. He could tell by the way their breath was not as fresh as his. In his time of need, he called Doctor Bienstock and told her of a foe that could not be scrubbed away. Doctor Bienstock explained to him “brushing away the cavities is not always enough,  you have to wash away and clean your mouth with mouthwash. If you notice that your friends are not using mouthwash, this could mean that there is still bacteria that is being left in their mouths. I think I have the right person who could help you out with the problem and her name is Katy.”

Katy was just returning from summer camp where she had forgotten to bring her mouthwash and she began to notice the health of her mouth start to change. Her breath was not as fresh and her gums began to weaken.  Katy also noticed that her friends were not using mouthwash either and it became a problem to her. She had to figure out a way to help her friends have a healthy mouth before the school year began. The only thing she could think of was to be the change she wanted to see. So she made a promise to herself to never be without her mouthwash again. She became Lady Mouthwash, washing away bacteria that threatened to weaken her smile. Katy visited Doctor Bienstock’s office the next day and told her of her new-found knowledge with a smile on her face. Doctor Beinstock leaned in a said, “How would you like to become part of an elite team of dental superheroes, Lady Mouthwash?” Katy smiled back and says, “Tell me more.”