As you may know, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and in honor of this fantastic event, I’m opening up my Facebook page to allow you to post pictures of your kids brushing their teeth, flossing or any other dental hygiene related photos of your kids. Let’s make brushing fun!  Is brushing a family event in your house? Post pictures of the whole family brushing!  Even your pets are welcomed to participate, but make sure there’s a human child actively brushing or flossing in the picture too!

As a pediatric dentist, I know firsthand how important good dental habits are for kids (and adults!). I also know that as a busy parent, it’s sometimes hard for you to get your kids to brush their teeth correctly, and on a regular basis, so I’ve decided to make a fun challenge out of it and am opening my Facebook page up for the entire month of February to post those great photos!  Here are the “rules”:

  1. Any photo posted must show at least one child brushing, flossing, or engaging in some other form of good dental hygiene.
  2. Please use the hashtag #KidsDentalMonth for any descriptions you add to your post.
  3. You can post more than once, but each photo needs to be original.
  4. Encourage your friends and family to like and share if they’d like (not required); I’ll be tallying the “like” numbers on March 1stto announce “winners” (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).
  5. I reserve the right to take down any photos I feel are inappropriate or don’t follow the challenge rules so keep it fun!

That’s it!  I’m really excited to make this a fun opportunity to share those funny and fun brushing pictures.  Let’s do this! Here’s our Facebook page to post your picture:

Want to learn more about National Children’s Dental Health Month?  You can read more here: