Orthodontics in Early Childhood and Why It’s Important

Orthodontics is most thought about throughout the teenage years, but it’s just as essential to address this issue in early childhood.  Pediatric dental specialists in Camelback are mainly used to prevent bite problems that can cause pain, tooth alignment issues, and permanent damage to the mouth and jaw if not corrected. So, what are some things that might cause this type of misalignment?

•          Genetics is a significant factor that affects how the teeth form and come in

•          Thumb sucking can cause damage to how the teeth are aligned according to a Camelback pediatric dentist

•          A premature loosing of baby teeth due to improper tooth hygiene issues

Since we have now established some common causes for why orthodontics is needed, let’s visit some reasons why orthodontics might be for your child from a Camelback pediatric dentist or Orthodontist.

•          Their self-esteem is low due to teeth alignment or smile

•          Your child has a misaligned jaw that is causing pain

•          Your child grinds their teeth when nervous or throughout the night

•          Your child has experienced tooth decay or various periodontal diseases

•          Your child has developed a speech problem 

•          Your child has been involved in an accident that has caused the jaw or teeth to be affected

Now that we understand why a young child might need orthodontics, let’s talk about the different ages and some examples of what one might need throughout childhood development when it comes to orthodontics.

Early Childhood

Early childhood for orthodontics usually begins between the ages of 2-6.  The most common problems for this age are thumb sucking and teeth grinding.  A Camelback pediatric Orthodontist might educate parents and children on the importance of learning new coping behaviors and possibly install a dental appliance to prevent the shifting of teeth.

Middle Childhood

This age is a very common age to begin to seek orthodontics treatments. This is the stage where more permanent teeth are in or coming in.  Misalignment of permanent teeth is apparent, and it’s a great time to mold the teeth and jaw into perfect alignment. Many children during this phase will get a dental appliance, either installed or removable, depending on need from a Camelback pediatric Orthodontist. It’s also essential to teach your child excellent dental hygiene and how to clean their new appliances.  This is to ensure that the optimal results are achieved.

Late Childhood

This age usually ranges from 13-18.  This is the teenage years that so many people corollate with braces. The main goal for this age group is to achieve a smile they can feel confident with, which includes straight teeth. After the course of treatment, your teenager may have to wear a permeant or removable retainer to keep the desired results.

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