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Dr. Bienstock leads a team of experienced pediatric dental associates and works hand-in-hand with highly trained orthodontists to provide parents with a single, convenient location for all pediatric dentistry and orthodontic needs.

Below are a few orthodontic options offered at our Camelback location. To learn more about your options call us today at 602.903.4894.

Traditional, Ceramic and Self-Ligating Braces

One way to treat teeth that need to be straightened or ones that have moved is to install braces.  Braces have a long list of health benefits including minimizing pain in your teeth, gums and jaw.  After a thorough examination, if it is determined by a pediatric orthodontist in Camelback that braces are needed, then a custom and individualized treatment plan will be created with you and your child.

Once the plan is in place based on your child’s needs, there will be an estimate of cost and a review of dental insurance coverage drawn up so that everyone is comfortable going forward.  We offer financing options and payment plans so that every child has access to dental care.



Clear aligners are another form of braces. The patient slowly transitions through a series of aligners until teeth have moved into the desired place. This is a great option for patients who need braces but don’t like the look of traditional braces.  Aligners have a little more flexibility, as they are removable for short periods of time, clean easily, and are less likely to irritate areas of the mouth. Treatment plans vary greatly depending on the patient’s needs and commitment to changing out the correct liners on time.


Retainers are traditionally added to the teeth after braces are removed.  This is to ensure that, over time, your teeth stay in the correct position. Removable retainers are worn full time in the beginning and then transitioned to only at night.  Fixed retainers are fused to the teeth and keep the teeth from moving.

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