Are you Ready to Become A Super Kid?

The team was almost complete, only one more person to go. This last person had to be someone that would complete a good toothbrushing routine, but  who were the Super Cappers missing? What else could there be to make someone’s teeth healthy and clean? Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and none of the Super Cappers were scheduled for their biannual appointment with their favorite dentist. They were out of luck and knowledge of what their next step would be in order to continue their mission. It began to seem like all hope was lost…

One day James was playing cars with his best friend Michael after school. Michael noticed that someone was bothering James and so he asked what was wrong and James replied, “ I am part of an elite team of superheroes whose sole purpose is to help kids like me fight cavities and have healthy teeth, but we are stuck. Doctor Bienstock said we need to have 4 people to complete the team,but we can’t seem to find someone to help us complete our team because we don’t know who we are missing.” Michael took a few minutes to ponder how he could help his friend out during this time, and then it came to him. “You forgot to use toothpaste, you need toothpaste to help you scrub away the bacteria that live on teeth. I can put toothpaste on your mighty brush to help you scrub away the bad guys if you want!” James smiled and reached out his hand to Michael and said , “ Welcome to the Super Cappers, Super Toothpaster you have completed our team.” 

The rest is history. The team of Super Cappers is complete and now we turn to you and ask a simple question.  Would you like to become a Super Kid for the elite iBrush Club, all you need to do is a vow to take care of your teeth? Are you willing to take a stand against all the foods and drinks that are out to ruin the health of your teeth? Will you join forces with Doctor Bienstock and the Super Cappers to spread the importance of a healthy mouth and tell your friends? If so, we welcome you in Super Kid! For your first assignment, we ask that you take the challenge for this month and send it to us for the chance to be featured on our website. What do you say? Let’s fight cavities and promote healthy teeth the iBrush way.