Wrangling Cavities From Places Most Can't Reach.


Mighty Brushman and Lady Mouthwash joined forces to brush and wash away their foes. Yet, there was something missing. They noticed that even know their friends were brushing their teeth and using mouthwash, their friends were still getting cavities. Both superheroes were baffled by this discovery and did not know what to do, but they knew someone who would, Dr. Bienstock! They called their favorite doctor and told her about the new struggle they were facing. Dr. Bienstock informed them, “ Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash is a great way to have a clean mouth, but there are places in your teeth that you won’t be able to reach. This is why you have to incorporate flossing into your daily teeth cleaning.” Mighty B replied and said, “So we have to find someone who can wrangle and reach the cavities we can’t, how are we going to do that?” Katy remembered that there was a new kid in her class named Tommy who lived on a ranch and loved to wrangle in cattle. An idea began to form in her head and both Mighty B and Doctor B smiled.

Tommy one of the best wranglers on his grandpa’s ranch in Texas. Tommy loved to be outside all day pretending he was a superhero, lassoing up the bad guys and throwing them in jail. Tommy’s dad recently got a job in North Phoenix so the days of ranch living came to an end. Tommy and his family moved right before school started. While in the lunch line a girl named Katy approached him and said, “So I heard you’re from Texas and you can lasso, is that true?” Tommy replies, “ Yes ma’am ropin’ is what I’m good at, why do you ask?” Katy smiled and told Tommy about the Super Cappers and how they needed someone to help them fight cavities. Tommy was interested but had to take the time to think of what he would do in that group. He did not really care for brushing teeth and mouthwash, what good would he be?

The next day Tommy saw his dad brushing his teeth and noticed that he was using a small string to clean his teeth. Tommy didn’t understand what his father was doing so he asked. Tommy’s dad told him, “ I’m flossing my teeth and wrangling all the bad bacteria that could cause tooth decay and cavities. You see I want my teeth to always be strong and healthy and I need floss to help reach the places my toothbrush and mouthwash can’t.  You know, even the smallest of things can make a big difference and this little string sure does pack a punch.” Tommy finally figured out what he could do to help the Super Cappers. On that day, he became Mega Flosser, wrangling the bad guys in places most can’t reach. Mega Flosser vowed to help the Super Cappers by telling kids about flossing and the health of their mouths.